2693 - Hit the Worm

A game for training fine motor skills in a solid wooden box with a colourful lacquering. Small children‘s hands should hit the worms into the base using the wooden hammer – but for each "engulfed" worm a new one appears immediately!

6433 - Hammer Ball Marble Run "Grande"

A big challenge for motor skills and fun at the same time. Try to beat the coloured wooden balls through the plastic rings using the hammer so they will run down the track making rattling noises.

5667 - Reversable Hammer Bench

The coloured wooden rubber-coated pegs should be hit with the hammer and then the board must be turned around so you can start again! Fantastic motor activity game with monkey motifs on the sides.

6136 - Hammer Bench "Drum"

This hammer bench made of solid wood trains the fine motor skills. 6 colourful sticks printed with faces have to be hit through the bench. The disk inside tilts on a hemisphere and pushes some sticks upwards - when pushing the disk up with the hands all s

8153 - Workbench

Rubber bearings in the holes will prevent the sticks from falling through and hammering is just fun.

7589 - Box for Threads and Beads

With a variety of compartments for storing all sewing accessories to maintain a clear overview. Helps to improve the dexterity of the hands.

7804 - Farmyard Ball Track

Here three mice race against each other in the shape of little cars. That´s because they have to be fast on the ball track to avoid being caught by the farmyard cat. The wooden tracks are framed with colourful plastic and are therefore extremely rugged. T

8168 - Threading Tree

Threading game to train the motor skills. With plenty of shapes to thread onto.

7558 - Racetrack Colourful

The "Formula 1" of cascading towers - this racetrack made of colorful wood! The four small, colorful cars race down the stable wooden racetrack and perform funny somersaults along the way. The wooden cars can be easily held and stand ready for the next sp

1272 - Ladder Table Throwing Game

Table games are particularly good if there is a small area for playing and a high play value is required. This throwing game is made of a wooden stand with three coloured wooden rods of different height. The aim of this game is to throw the bead chains on


This great wooden handcart offers plenty of space! Beside the fact that there is enough space for two beverage crates, also a large picnic equipment or the high volume shopping can easily be transported. Due to the very sturdy wooden construction, the rub

1560 - Tricycle "Nils"

This stable, multicoloured wooden tricycle has a small baggage compartment. The rubber tyres are completed by sturdy plastic wheels, which ensure quieter running noises. 2 front wheels give beginners more stability.


A lovely little horse made of silky-soft textile for rocking and rolling! Its retractable wheels and acoustic facility (neighing and sound of poundering hooves) provide an extended play fun!


This steed is made of hardwood and is designed to give younger riders more safety. It comes with 2 different coloured seats (pink and baby blue). In one of the little pockets you will find a plush musical clock.


Corduroy cover. Press on the ear and it neighs, gallops and moves its mouth. Sounds make these "animals" come alive.


A different way to gallop through the landscape - not on a rocking horse made of wood but on a rocking dinosaur. This green companion is made of very robust wood and has attractive pastel colours. Children sit safely on the "saddle", as it is protected wi


The aim of this game is for the little gnomes to jump onto the tree! An exciting and fun game for 2-4 players over the age of 3 years, which trains fine motor skills and spatial thinking.


24 pieces. Dress the bears by threading the clothing pieces onto the printed shape. Nurtures the fine motor skills and patience.


This track will be the beginning of a new passion for young and old experts! Time to assemble: approx. 1 hour.


Manufactured to the highest standards, this wooden house trains everyday motor skills with its padlock, multiple latches, levers, hinges, and a door chain. It´s made of splinter-free, tear-resistant material which allows it to withstand higher stress. Add


A wooden worm with colourful wooden rings in different colours. The small tail is screwed to the end so that the rings won´t get lost. Every ring can be inserted arbitrarily so that everybody can build an individual worm. A skill toy for small designers.

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